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Analytics is the engine for excellence, growth, and innovation as Duke Health strives to be best-in-class for patient-centered care, care delivery transformation, and knowledge discovery.  

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Duke University Health System Takes Data Democracy to Next Level

The Duke Analytics Community started when four individuals came together who were passionate about information accessibility.  The group realized that they all unintentionally had information about analytics that the others did not.  Through working together, they created a space for individuals to share analytical knowledge.

Participating in the 2021 Tableau North American conference, Claire Howell and Rebecca McDaniel, two of the group's founding moderators, presented an overview of the community and how it has grown since the group's creation. The recording of their presentation "How Duke University is Democratizing Data" is available on Tableau's website.

Tableau received so many requests for additional information after the presentation, that they have collaborated with Claire and Rebecca to create a case study based on their conference presentation.